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Security in Raleigh, NC
Providing Home Security, cameras, and automation
  • 24/7 Emergency response
  • Tamper-resistant technology
  • Real-time alerts
  • Remote control via mobile app
Security system service

We pride ourselves in installing state-of-the art security panels manufactured by Bosch Security, a leader in security system manufacturing. These panels already come with free built-in-apps, which means you don't have to pay extra fees for accessing and monitoring your system from anywhere from anysmart phone or tablet.

We will install security system in home with panel, keypad, 1 motion, 1 key fob, and 2 door/window contacts for $600. This will allow remote access via app from anywhere. The app works whether you have monitoring or not.

Partnering with a monitoring company to provide 24/7 monitoring for as low as $18 a month for IP or land line connections. This comes with no contracts. Cancel without penalties, just finish out the month. Cellular costs $25 a month and an extra -+up-front charge for charge for the cellular dialer.

Optional devices

Optional devices can monitor garage doors, flooding, smoke, CO, glass breakage, and much more. Let us know if you have needs not covered by a standard security install.

Smart home
or home automation
Want to have the convenience of controlling lights, thermostats, exterior doors, garage doors, cameras, water heaters, smoke detectors, and receptacles with an app that cost $0 per month?

While other companies charge per device resulting in fees over $30 a month, we can make your home or office smarter, more secure and efficient by providing all these services at no cost to you.

We use Zwave devices to provide remote monitoring and control of thermostats, lights, blinds, doors, electric devices, and so much more. Zwave controllers tie in all your home automation features into a simple and convenient app that can be used anywhere.

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Our security cameras provide not only the information about who, what, and when things happen around your home, but also extra peace of mind for your and your family. From door bell cameras to multiple camera installations, we can do it all.

Z wave can also integrate cameras for remote viewing. Cameras can be set to send you a snap shot via email when a motion event happens. Or a door bell camera system can notify an app on your phone when someone approaches your door.

Cameras can be an extension of your Z Wave controller, or a system with multiple cameras integrated into a recording device, or a stand-alone camera with a micro SD card recording viewing grom and app or website.

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