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Providing Business Security, Access Control, and Surveillance Services
Bosch security system

We install Bosch security panels. These panels have all been updated within the last few years with features for today's businesses. Door access, remote app access, IP integration, camera integration, low cost monitoring, are just of few of the built-in features of a Bosch security panel. The newer technology of the panels allows a lower cost install and a lower per month fee than other companies can charge.


Cameras can be stand alone or part of a system with a recorder. Stand-alone cameras have microSD cards installed to record to. If more than a feww cameras are needed to cover the areas, then we install a system with a recorder. We offer 2 main brands dependings on the needs of the customer. We have a low-cost option that still provides 24/7 recording with remote access via an app. We also have a slightly higher cost option that provides the same features but adds the ability to view on a web browser remotely. All cameras are at least 3-megapixel versions, which gives increased coverage areas with fewer cameras.

With Bosch Camera’s built in analytics you can know how many people visited your store. You can find out where your customers visit in your store, so that you can display merchandise prominently. Analytics can trace people, cars, areas, merchandise, and much more so that you have the tools to run your establishment.

Office automation

Office automation can save money by turning off lights and changing the temperature when not in the office. We intergrate these features with the security panel so that by arming the panel the thermostat is set back and the lights are turned off.

This can also be set to time so that on arrival the business is the correct temperature and the lights are on. Remote operation via an app is also included.

Door access

Electric locks on doors can be done on an individual doors that are controller by one centralized controller. If you need to have multiple doors with the same users having access, then a centralized controller will need to be installed. These controllers allow access to be restricted by time, day of week, or date. Each door is different, so we offers strike locks, electronic deadbolts, magnetic locks, or panic hardware kits.

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